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book_amendBook two in The Three Stages trilogy
Teenage/young adult
Post-apocalyptic/science fantasy/romance
Amend is the sequel to Consequence

How can you step into the light when you’ve been brought up in the dark?

From before she was born, Melinoe was destined for one thing: to be the Tsaritsa of Western Russia. It was all she had ever wanted; all she had ever cared about. Then one day, she meets Blake.

As Blake falls in love with her, Melinoe decides to see just how far that love will go. Melinoe loves to hurt people, and she wants to hurt Blake. What she doesn’t count on is that some things go two ways.

If you take away the thing someone cares about the most, how do you know they won’t do the same thing to you?

Amend is available in all good bookshops, and Amazon.

Signed copies from the author are available from this website.

Author: Eliza Serena Robinson
ISBN: 978-0-9575371-1-8
166 pages
£6.99 (+ P&P)

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