The Purest Form of Chaos

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Halfway through the 22nd century, much of the world has been destroyed by war and natural disasters. In the countries of Western Russia and Eastern Russia, a corrupt monarchy reigns. Beneath the fragile veneer of civility, the Tsar’s twisted obsession bubbles towards boiling point.

Phoenix Kashnikova is kidnapped from her prison-like home, rescued by a mysterious benefactor. A year later, Persephone is freed from her own captivity by the same man. The two young women meet in a palace in Moscow, and their lives are changed forever. The friendship formed within the palace walls is threatened by forces beyond the girls’ control, and the agenda of their kidnapper disrupts the quiet life they have created. Phoenix and Persephone struggle for autonomy against an all-powerful oppressor, on a journey that takes them across national and mental borders. Phoenix seeks to outrun the demons of her past, but for Persephone this is a fight for both her body and her mind.

The Purest Form of Chaos asks: what does it mean to love, what does it mean to be human, where do we draw the line between good and evil, and who—if anyone—is deserving of redemption?

Page count: 400
ISBN: 978-1-5272-5447-3
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.25 inch

£10.99 + Postage is £3 (UK) | £6 (Rest of World)

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