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Hi, I’m Eliza! I have been blogging for a decade, and writing novels for even longer. This is my space for exploring my ideas, and making sense of the world. Whilst social media has swayed in a more video-based direction in recent years, I have always been drawn to longform written modes of expression. This blog has evolved from my teenage ramblings to the chronicles of my student days, and now, as an adult, it is my space to chatter away about my interests without being limited by algorithms and wordcounts.

If you read through the dregs of my archive, I encourage you to take my words with a pinch of salt. Sharing your thoughts and feelings online whilst your brain is still growing is a challenging endeavour, and choosing not to cringe (too hard) at them is even more of a challenge. There are a handful of old blogs that I deleted by choice, and more that I deleted by accident — what you see is not the complete archive. It is a reflection of me at 17, or 21, or 25. As I grew up, this blog grew with me, and keeping the evidence of my learning curves is a choice I put much thought into.

Welcome to the Eliza Archive. The narrator may be unreliable at times, but she is thrilled to have you here!